Open Source Comes to Campus/Open Science/Template Development Page

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This is a template page for developing new Open Science Comes to Campus activities. Please copy this page and customize it to your activity. When you do so, you can delete this paragraph. Please also replace prompt text below with descriptions of the activity as it is generated.

This is an activity development page for Open Science Comes to Campus


Notes about activity


What should attendees get out of this activity? Please list both overall and specific goals.

Related work

List relevant curricula from other sources, activities, posts, video, etc. Add notes about material that inspires you, or that you might want to reuse.

Overall structure

Mention any structural constraints. Do you want to make long & short versions of this? Does it have any knowledge dependencies? etc.


This is the place for ideas about what to include in the presentation/activity. I find it useful to use the goals above as prompts for brainstorming.

The Activity Itself

Here is where you provide details about the activity in progress - I prefer to write out slide outlines/step by step instructions.