PyCon intro to open source

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This page contains setup instructions for Contribute with me! Getting started with open source development.

Goal #1: install a text editor

(Estimated completion time: 2 - 10 minutes)

We need a good text editor (not a word processor!) for editing Python code.

If you already have a preferred text editor, you can use it instead, but note that word processors like Microsoft Word and Notepad will not work.

Goal #2: install git

(Estimated completion time: 5 minutes)

git is a popular version control system, which we'll use for managing and collaborating on open source projects.

Goal #3: practice command line navigation

(Estimated completion time: 10 - 15 minutes)

Many of the tools of open source development are primarily used via the command line. Let's get some practice with navigating the computer from the command line.

Goal #4: install an IRC client

(Estimated completion time: 5 minutes)

IRC is a real-time chat protocol that open source projects often use to talk about the project and as a medium for users and developers to help each other.

Goal #5: create an OpenHatch account

(Estimated completion time: 2 minutes)

OpenHatch is a non-profit that helps connect people with open source projects. We'll use some of the tools on this site to practice.

Goal #6: create a GitHub account

(Estimated completion time: 2 minutes)

GitHub is a popular website for hosting open source projects that use Git. We'll use GitHub to collaborate on projects..


You've set up your development environment and are a terminal pro. You are ready for the tutorial.

The tutorial is on Thursday, April 10th from 1:20pm - 4:40pm in Room 521 A.