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Hi John. I am very glad that you came back. Work awaits the crptetimoos do not sleep))) Explain why you removed the option to adjust the speed of the processor with the source of the project FREEDO 2? And you come up with something with a screen? at the moment the emulator displays 60 frames, and progamma to record video games (Fraps) show as many as 2000 frames.People on the load card overheat. Why such a burden at all on the video card? It means the calculation of the image is the processor, carefully studied the key problems please. And yet . I like it asked you to come up with something in the derivation of interpolated images. At this point you have 320 240 stretched to fill the screen when switching to full screen. Why do not you do normal interpolation frame? Make at least scale Keep up your project and wish you very good luck. Sincerely Sedabi.


Regarding Bug 235 - setting name atirbtute in IE, an alternative workaround to set the name in the situation where you are not creating a new element, you can use the following:try{ // Try to set using IE compliant methodel.outerHTML = el.outerHTML.replace('<BUTTON', '<BUTTON name="foo"');}catch (err){ // Set for other browsersel.setAttribute('name', 'foo');}Hope this helps as it doesn't seem to be a bug that is going away soon!PS - seems that I can't submit with the greater than sign to open the button tag, so i've replaced it with the HTML Code - hope it displays correct.