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Six ways to quit

This is a set of exercises for the Saturday Command Line tutorial.

The goal of this set of exercises is to show you that different command line programs have different ways to quit them. Knowing how to quit these command-line programs is crucial to not becoming frustrated.


First, create one sample file:

echo hi > hello.txt

Now, open that six ways, and try to quit

Here are six commands to run. Try to look within the program to see if it gives you a hint as to how to quit. Some programs do; some don't.

This gives an on-screen hint:

nano file

These do not:

emacs file
less file
vi file

Here are six ways to quit. Match 'em up!

  1. Ctrl-c
  2. Ctrl-d
  3. Ctrl-x
  4. Escape followed by :q
  5. Ctrl-x followed by Ctrl-c
  6. q

Quiz: Which of these programs accepts both Ctrl-d and Ctrl-c? Why?