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The secret ingredient for success is early involvement and staying way ahead of deadlines if possible.

In a nutshell:

  • Go through GSoC Advice for Students and review the GSoC FAQs.
  • Make sure that you will enjoy the time spent on making OpenHatch better.
  • Look at the timeline for the GSoC program.
  • Look at the ideas lists and decide if you will submit a proposal based upon one of the listed ideas or if you will submit your own idea proposal - either will be considered.
  • Look at our Student Application Template.
  • Join the OpenHatch mailing list.
  • Discuss your idea with potential mentors on the mailing list. If your proposal comes from the ideas lists, it is a good idea to talk to the mentor listed with the idea.
  • Join #openhatch IRC channel on Freenode and say Hello (a must!).
  • Watch the timeline closely to avoid missing deadlines.
  • Get involved. Speak to potential mentors and listen carefully to their advice. Try to get involved in the larger community, as your peers in the community can be a great support tool as you work on your summer project.

To really stand out

  • Attend our weekly meetings on IRC.
  • Create your own instance of the OpenHatch code: See getting started with the OpenHatch code
  • Submit a patch for an issue (you can ask us what would be appropriate! We want to help anyone who wants to stand out)